Competition Training

Boxing is a great sport.  If you or your child want to compete as an amateur boxer then the Engine Rooms is a great place to begin or continue your training.

Many people are surprised to learn that other traditional sports, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, cheerleading, and softball, rank much higher than amateur boxing in terms of injuries. All officials, coaches, referees, judges, corner men/women, equipment and the athletes themselves are all sanctioned with USA Boxing. USA boxing is the same organization that governs our USA Olympic Team and has a very high concern for its athlete’s safety.

In order to be sanctioned, all coaches and officials must pass certifications which are designed with the boxer’s safety as the highest priority. Bouts are strictly matched based on age, weight and experience level in order to limit the chance of one boxer being overmatched with another. The referee, coach, or ringside physician can call an end to the contest if needed. Also the equipment is designed with the athlete’s safety in mind. Unlike professional boxing, amateur boxing equipment is designed with impact absorbent foams to limit the chance of being knocked out or sustaining a cut. All equipment must be USA Boxing approved before being used in competition.

There are many more rules and regulations in place that provide a safe atmosphere for amateur boxer and can be discussed more in detail with Coach Sloan or by visiting



Amateur boxing bouts range from 8 – 40 years old. (With select master division tournaments for above 40).

Novice Division: Boxers with 0 – 10 bouts are considered novice.

Open Class: Boxers with 11 bouts or more are considered open class.


All boxers must wear USA Boxing approved headgear, gloves, mouth piece and uniform while competing with the exception that 19 – 40 year old Open class boxers who may choose to compete without headgear in select tournaments. 

To compete for the Engine Room, you must meet skill and conditioning criteria that has been determined by Coach Sloan. In other words, you must make the team! 

The Engine Room Boxing Team is a highly trained squad of athletes and we have a great reputation, not only for our ability inside the ring, but with the way in which we conduct ourselves outside the ring. Attitude, grades, attendance, and conditioning are all things you will required to maintain, not only make the team, but to stay on the team.