The Engine Room is new in location and name

Owner and head coach Aaron Sloan has owned and operated the Owasso Boxing Club since 2009 and will be relocating his team of athletes­­ to this new facility.

Classes are a mix of traditional boxing routines, such as heavy bag workouts, speed bags, double end bags shadow boxing etc. blended with many modern conditioning methods. Medicine balls, battle ropes, resistance bands etc.

Also unlike most other “fitness boxing programs” that care little about technique, the Engine Room wants every member to train and develop as if they intended to compete. If you are going to train, you might as well do it correctly.

Train Like a Champion

Unlike many other gyms that are simply designed for a “fitness boxing” program, the Engine Room uses the same routine and methods used to train and prepare its amateur and professional fighters.


Burn 800 - 1,000 calories per workout.

Fun and exciting way to get in shape.

Learn self-defense while you get fit.

Train alongside with real fighters.

Develop confidence.


The Engine Room is a sanctioned USA Boxing facility. USA Boxing governs all amateur boxing in the United States including the Olympic Team.